Juliet Parker!

Juliet Parker
Hi, I’m Juliet Parker Here!

Hello, Please accept my introduction as Juliet Parker. I am a full-time housewife blogger. My home has taught me many things. And I share what I have learned from my home. As a mom, I have three extraordinarily talented children who always help me in my kitchen more than their dad. It is actually my lovely kids who encouraged me to start this kitchen blog.

I love making espresso and most of the time, my husband(Kinel Parker) or kids are there to help me. Their assistance makes it easier for me to make sure that I’m doing everything right so they can enjoy their drinks as much as possible!

Sometimes I take espresso and delicious cake to my kids’ schools for them and their friends while they’re in school.

My family is my biggest support system and I couldn’t do what I love without their help.

Kinel Parker (EEE) – My Husband

My husband is an Electrical and Electronics Engineering(EEE). Because of this, I benefit a great deal from it. Whenever my kitchen appliances have a problem, he fixes it with his expert hand.

The experience he has in repairing kitchen appliances just encourages me to write about the technical topic of appliances in this blog. When it comes to more technical and critical topics about espresso machines or any other appliances in my kitchen, my husband (Kinel Parker) covers them in his own easy manner in this blog.