What Is A Lever Espresso Machine? A Complete Overview!

Lever espresso machines are very popular classical-vibe espresso machines. They are a great choice for both home and commercial use. But what is a lever espresso machine exactly?

A lever-driven espresso machine uses a piston that pushes hot water across the ground coffee. The piston is operated by a lever, which is why this type of machine is also called a lever espresso machine. This type of machine is different from a pump-driven espresso machine.

In this article, I will talk about what is a lever espresso machine and all related questions about manual espresso machines.

What Is A Lever Espresso Machine?

What Is A Lever Espresso Machine
What Is A Lever Espresso Machine

In general, what is a lever espresso machine? This type of coffee machine uses a hand-pull lever to produce espresso. The lever allows the user to control the amount of water and pressure used to make the espresso, which results in a more consistent and flavorful cup of coffee.

The espresso hand press lever is usually operated by a handle, which can be turned to increase or decrease the amount of pressure used to make the espresso. They are often considered to be the best type of coffee maker for making espresso, as they allow for greater control over the brewing process.

This type of machine is often seen as the more authentic way to make espresso, as it requires a bit more skill and effort than some of the other machines on the market. They need maintenance and cleaning regularly. If you can do that, they will function properly for a long time. They produce a classic and good-tasting hand-press espresso.

A spring lever espresso machine is a manual espresso machine that uses a spring-loaded piston. This piston, through the ground coffee, pushes hot water forcefully. The user pulls on a lever, which compresses a spring inside the piston chamber.

If you have a question in your mind about what is a lever espresso machine, there you have it all.

When Was The Lever Espresso Machine Invented?

The very first patent for any kind of espresso machine was granted back in 1884. Angelo Moriondo, an Italian inventor, introduced the first manual espresso machine. But this machine had a couple of flaws and could not thrive the demand. After world war 2, Itali was trying to reshape its economy.

In the middle of the 1900s, the first lever-driven espresso got developed and introduced in 1946 by Achille Gaggia, a Milan barista. It had a piston that needed to be pulled by hand. It was completely a manual, lever espresso maker.

How Does A Lever Espresso Machine Work?

How Does A Lever Espresso Machine Work

Lever espresso machines work by heating water in a boiler and then forcing it through a metal filter basket filled with coffee grounds. The lever controls how much water will be pushed. It also controls how much pressure should be applied through the coffee grounds.

Although it may seem a simple process, actually hand-pull espresso machine is not that simple. On lever-driven espresso machines, the steam pressure in the boiler pushes the water into a cylinder, but the steam machines’ developed pressure of 8 to 9 bar is subsequently applied to the water by a spring-powered piston.

The boiler is responsible for heating water to the correct temperature, while the brew group contains the filter holder, portafilter, and other necessary components. To make espresso, ground coffee is placed in the filter holder and tamped down.

A lever that the barista pushes down compresses the spring and it drives the piston. These lever groups are made to cool the water from the boiler to brewing temperature, just like the machines from an earlier generation. After that, you will get hand-pulled espresso.

How To Use A Lever Espresso Machine?

Lever-driven espresso machines are some of the most popular machines on the market to date. Even some people believe that they make the best espresso possible.

Using a lever espresso machine is not difficult, but it may become a mess if you don’t operate it properly. Here is how to use a Lever espresso machine:

  • First, you’ll need to preheat the machine.
  • Switch on the machine’s power and give it some time to warm up.
  • Insert the ground coffee into the portafilter basket.
  • Be sure to use a quality coffee grinder so that the grounds are evenly ground.
  • Then, tamp the grounds down gently with the tamper.
  • Put a cup under the brewing output of your machine.
  • Slowly pull the lever down until it reaches the bottom.
  • Then, push the lever back up to the top. It will help to flow hot water.

Once the espresso is in the cup, you can enjoy your espresso. If you want, add some milk, and sugar for better flavor.

How To Drain Water From Lever Espresso Machine?

It is easy to forget that your manual espresso press machine needs regular maintenance, but if you want it to continue making great coffee, it is important to clean it on a regular basis.

  • If your lever espresso machine has a water reservoir, start by removing the reservoir and emptying it.
  • Find the water flow control lever or knob. You will find it close to the water reservoir.
  • Position the knob or lever so that it says “off.”
  • Now, look for the drain valve. It is usually placed on the bottom of the machine.
  • Place a small container under that valve.
  • Turn on the valve so that water can flow into the container.
  • Shut the drain valve when the water completes draining.

If your hand-press espresso machine does not have a water reservoir, the process is a bit different.

  • Start by locating the knob or lever that controls water flow.
  • Turn the knob or lever to the “off” position.
  • Now, find the steam wand. The steam wand is usually located on the side of the machine.
  • Place the tip of the steam wand over the bowl or container.
  • Open the steam valve. It will let the steam flow into the container. The steam will help to loosen any built-up water in the machine.
  • Once the water has finished draining, close the steam valve.

Draining the water from your lever-driven espresso machine on a regular basis will help to keep it in good working condition and help your coffee taste its best.

How Much Is The Lever Espresso Machine?

When it comes to purchasing a lever espresso machine, the price tag can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. So, how much do the lever espresso machines cost actually?

Lever espresso machines vary in price depending on a few factors. First is the brand and accessories. ROK EspressoGC is a good choice for a lever espresso machine with the most basic price. However, there are also similar affordable options, like the Flair Signature. If you like traveling a lot and do not want to carry a heavy bag, then WACACO Minipresso is the best choice. This hand-pump espresso machine is small, very lightweight, and portable.

The next factor that affects the price is features. The more features a machine has, the more expensive it will be. For example, there are some lever-driven machines that have built-in milk frothers or grinders.

Additionally, some have steam wands & some extra facilities. La Pavoni EPBB-8 Europiccola is a great choice for this and it is a middle ranged lever espresso machine. Another great and classic gem is Elektra S1 Micro Casa which is worth every penny at the best price.

Are Lever Expresso Machines Expensive?

It’s a common question whether lever espresso machines are expensive or not. The answer is yes and no. Lever espresso machines can be expensive, but necessarily they don’t have to be. They are affordable if you shop around for the best price on one.

When it comes to choosing a lever espresso machine, the price is often one of the biggest factors. It is an advantage of manual lever espresso machines is that they’re typically more affordable than automatic models.

They typically start from a few hundred and go up from there depending on how much you want to spend and whether or not you want one that has built-in frothers or just a manual pump. Additionally, the size of the machine can also play a role in the price.

Are Lever Espresso Machines Better?

Yes and no. If you want to have a classic vibe and taste from your espresso machine, then a lever espresso machine is better. They offer a huge advantage in the manual brewing process. On the other side, if you want your machine to do all the work for you, then instead of a lever espresso machine, you should go with a semi-automatic or fully automatic machine.

lever espresso machines offer greater control throughout the brewing procedure. With a manual machine, you can control the water temperature and pressure more precisely, which means you can extract more flavor from your coffee beans.

Second, espresso lever machines tend to produce less bitter coffee. It’s because the coffee comes into touch for a very short time with the water.

And finally, many people simply prefer the taste of coffee made with a lever machine. If you’re looking for an espresso machine that will give you great results and allow you to experiment with different brewing techniques, then a lever machine is definitely worth considering.

So, it is totally your personal preference what kind of espresso manual press machine you want.

What To Think About Before Buying

You need to consider a couple of things when purchasing a lever espresso machine. First, decide if you want a manual lever machine or a semi-automatic. Manual machines require the user to manually control the lever, while semi-automatic machines have a lever that is operated by a switch.

Second, decide what size machine will be good for your demand. Lever espresso machines come in a variety of sizes, from small machines that make one cup at a time to large machines that can make multiple cups at once.

Third, think about the features. Some lever espresso machines come with a few integrated features. Some other features you can look for are a steam wand, a milk frother, and a cup warmer.

Fourth, you need to decide what price range you are comfortable with. Lever espresso machines range in price from a few hundred to a few thousand.

Pro Tips

  • Place the coffee grounds in the filter basket in the appropriate amounts.
  • Pull the lever when you see a little bit of steam coming out of your espresso machine.
  • Extract slowly in order to avoid bitterness.
  • Slowly depress the lever to start the espresso brewing process.

Juliet’s Quick Answer: FAQs

Are Lever Espresso Machines Hard To Use?

Lever espresso machines are not that hard to use. However, they are a bit tough to use than automatic espresso machines. This is because you have to manually control the amount of water and pressure that is used to brew the espresso.

Are Manual Espresso Machines Cheaper?

Manual espresso machines are often cheaper than automatic machines. This is because they require less maintenance. Many of them usually don’t use electricity. If you’re looking to save money on your coffee habit, you might want to consider buying a manual machine instead of an automatic one.

Are Cheap Lever Espresso Machines Worth Buying?

Yes. But only if you see the potential to get the best out of your money. There are lots of cheap lever espresso machines on the market—and they’re not all bad. Cheap espresso machines can be a great way to save on the cost of a machine without sacrificing quality.

Juliet’s Observation

A lever-driven espresso machine is the perfect equipment if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of a complicated machine. These machines are relatively easy to operate if you know what is a lever espresso machine.

Generally, these hand-pressed espresso machines are not for everyone. They require a bit of patience and practice to get the perfect shot of espresso. But once you get the hang of it, they can produce some of the best espresso around.

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