Nespresso Error Code C160! Don’t Refer Before Reading This!

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When someone tries to use a referral code to purchase anything from Nespresso, Nespresso error code C160 may appear. This can happen if the promo code is outdated or used wrongfully. Also, If the referral code is used more than the limit, error code C160 may appear.

Nespresso has a wide range of attractive discounts and promotions that make it one of the market’s most affordable coffee machine brands. The Nespresso website has dedicated pages for promotions, discounts, and referral rewards where customers can find all the latest offers.

10 Dollars Off For Referring
10 Dollars Off For Referring

In this referral program, the person who is referring and who is referred to, both get some amazing offers. If you refer something to your friend, you will get $10 off when you place your next order. There will be a $40 save for your friend on any machine. Also, he/she will get a capsule dispenser completely free.

So, sometimes, Nespresso error code C160 may appear when your friend tries to use your referral code. This could be a hassle for both of you.

40 Dollars Off In Nespresso Referral Code Purchases
40 Dollars Off In Nespresso Referral Code Purchases

What To Do

Before you refer any promo code to your friend or preferred person, make sure to check the Nespresso website. If the website still shows you the promotional offers, you are good to refer to that code. It is mandatory to be an existing customer and to have a Nespresso account if you want to have a referral code. Otherwise, you may face the Nespresso error code C160.

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Another important thing to remember is that, the person you are referring to a code must have to be a new customer. If he/she is already a customer of Nespresso or has ordered something already, he/she won’t be able to use the referral code. This code just works for people who are trying to purchase something from Nespresso for the first time.

How Many People Can You Refer?

Nespresso Refer Code is valid Up To 10 Persons
Nespresso Refer Code is valid Up To 10 Persons

Your referred code will work for a maximum of 10 people. You will immediately receive $10 off your subsequent order of five or more sleeves for each friend who successfully uses your promotional code. For instance, if two people use your referral code successfully, you will receive $10 off your next two orders.


–> Use a valid referral code.
–> Talk to the person before referring to the code.
–> Use the referral code during checkout.

Kinel’s Observation

Using referral codes to purchase something is a win-win situation for everyone. But Nespresso error code C160 could be a major issue in this winning situation. So, follow the right proceedings while using the referral code.

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