Nespresso Error Code 711, 764, 765, 766, and 768! Incorrect Or Overdraft Credit Card Issue!

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Nespresso Error Codes 711/764/765/766/768, they all mean the same thing. These Error Codes 711 or 764 or 765 or 766 or 768 occur when you entered the Incorrect Credit Card Information, or wrong 3D Secure details or your bank declined your card because your Credit Card has been Overdraft(Over Your Limit).

It is mostly a Transactional Issue when you are trying to purchase something from Nespresso. To get access to Nespresso, there are two ways, their app, and website. You can face this problem in both ways.

If you are on the same page trying to know why is this Nespresso Error Code 711/764/765/766/768 appears to you, don’t worry. You are not alone on this. Many Nespresso shoppers have reported getting this error code. Luckily, it’s relatively easy to fix.

Why Do You Get Nespresso Error Codes 711/764/765/766/768?

Why Does Nespresso Error Code 766 Occur Infographic
Why Does Nespresso Error Code 766 Occur Infographic

It is particularly annoying when you can’t proceed with your payment during checkout. So, what are the reasons for Nespresso error code 711/764/765/766/768? Let’s check:

  • You may have entered the credit card details incorrectly. In most cases, it occurs when you enter the wrong credit card number or the wrong card owner’s name.
  • The 3D secure details you entered may be incorrect.
  • You may have overdrawn your credit card (your limit has been exceeded)
  • Even when you click the Refresh button for a new page, you may get this error code 766.
  • For safety and to prevent over-use, many of us limit our spending on credit cards. This could lead to an error code 766 while your transaction limit crosses the expected spending.
  • If you haven’t already verified your credit card information, during online payment, your transaction request may get declined by the bank.

How To Fix This Nespresso Error Code 711/764/765/766/768?

Like that old saying, “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”, you can do some initial tasks before going through the payment proceeding to prevent getting this error code:

  • Carefully put your credit card information. After putting, check again if you have correctly typed all the numbers on the correct filling box. Also, fill in the card owner’s name correctly.
  • Remember or check your credit card limit. If it is almost at the end of the line, expand it or use a different card that has enough balance for your need.
  • Verify your card info so that you do not get blocked by your bank.

I hope that if you take those precautions, you will not get any trouble clearing the payment and getting your accessories from Nespresso.

Nespresso Customer Service

What if the problem is still not disappearing? What if you still get this annoying Nespresso error code 766? Well, Nespresso is still there for you. You can call Nespresso Club at 080-734-1111 number or OriginalLine at 800-562-1465 or VertuoLine at 877-964-6299. These are all toll-free numbers and a customer service representative will assist you anytime, 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Pro Tips

Do not hurry while putting in your information.
Match your card info and provided info.
Use a valid credit card.

Kinel’s Observation

No matter whether you are a new buyer or an existing customer, if Nespresso error code 711 or 764 or 765 or 766 or 768 appears in front of you, now you can easily track what is actually wrong. Just go along with my proceedings and get your desired product.

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