Nespresso Error Code 1303 & 1305! Nespresso Vertuo Next Bluetooth Pairing Failed or, Not Working?

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Nespresso error code 1303 or 1305 is a common Bluetooth error code for Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee Machine. Many a time, Nespresso machine users go through this 1303/1305 error code. In order to control your favorite Nespresso coffee machine easily, you should connect the device to your smartphone app. But the error code 1303/1305 doesn’t let that happen. It oftentimes interrupts the connection process.

Why Nespresso Error Code 1303 or 1305 Occurs?

This Nespresso problem usually occurs when you try to connect your Nespresso coffee machine to the smartphone app. The reason is that the machine is already registered with the Nespresso website and can’t be connected to the app anymore.

There are also some reasons to be concerned, which are:

  • If there has any hardware failure occurs.
  • If there have any software issues.
  • If your machine Bluetooth IC not working perfectly.
  • If your mobile Bluetooth IC not operating properly.

How To Fix Nespresso Error Code 1303 or 1305?

There is always a solution to a problem. So, here is the solution for your 1303/1305 Error Code of Nespresso. Follow the steps.

  • Open in a browser and log in to your Nespresso account.
  • Navigate to My Account > My Machines. You will see all your Nespresso machines that are connected to the account.
  • Do a manual factory reset for the device that shows you the 1303 or, 1305 error code. The device must be plugged in and switched on during the reset process.
  • When the reset is complete, remove the plug and put it back after 30 seconds.
  • Go to Bluetooth settings in your phone and then unpair the machine. See instructions for iOS or Android.
  • Uninstall the Nespresso app and restart the phone.
  • Install the Nespresso app again.
  • Turn on Bluetooth, WiFI, and Location service. Then turn on the coffee machine.
  • Now open the app and don’t log in. Just click on the machine icon in the upper right corner.
  • Now, you are in the pairing interface. Click “Pair Vertuo Next.” Wait until the app finds the machine and connects it.
  • Now follow the onscreen instruction to configure your connected device.
  • Log in to your account and your Vertuo Next should be working perfectly now.
Video Tutorial On How To Pair Nespresso Vertuo Next Machine With Your Smartphone

You may need to perform the entire process multiple times in case your problem is not solved on the first try. If the guideline fails to solve the error even after trying it multiple times, then you should try to talk to a customer care officer at Nespresso.

Here Are Three(3) Ways To Reach Them:

Via Contact Form

You can fill up their contact form describing your problems. And they will send a reply through email. Click the button below to fill up the Contact Form.

Via Twitter Profile (Official)

You can send a direct message on their Official Twitter Profile and ask for assistance. 

Via Direct Toll-Free Numbers

You can call their toll-free number and talk to an official expert. Tell him your problem and he will give you the solution. Here are the toll-free numbers for several countries.
USA: +1 800 562 1465, UK: 080 044 2442, Canada: 185 532 55 781, Australia: 180 062 3033, Italy: 800 392 029, Franch: 080 018 18 444, Germany: 080 055 5253, Spain: 900 259 259, Denmark: +45 80 909 600, Belgium: +32 2 788 09 60, Ireland: +353 1800 81 26 60, Netherlands: 0800 022 23 20, Poland: 800 515 253, Japan: 012 057 3101, Brazil: 080 077 777 37, Mexico: 800 999 7575, Singapore: 800 852 3525, South Africa: 080 063 7773

If you do not live in the above countries you need to find the contact number of your country office. You can easily find it on the Nespresso regional website.

Hopefully, the problem is solved now. So, take a cup of coffee and enjoy.

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