How To Program Astoria Espresso Machine? 5 Easy Steps!

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To achieve an ideal coffee cup, you must first know the Astoria Espresso Machine’s Programming Method. Astoria Gloria AL is more sensible than Prosumer machines.

So, the user should be careful about the proper programming of this espresso machine. So, let’s go to know the correct programming method for Astoria espresso.

Step 1: Identify The Program Key Location And Apply

Almost every Astoria Gloria espresso model contains a program key.

Astoria Gloria Espresso Machine Program Key
Astoria Gloria Espresso Machine Program Key

The binding site may vary from model to model. So, identify the actual location for your model and apply the key to open and start the machine.

 Generally, in most cases, the location of the key remains in the back portion of the espresso machine.

Step 2: Turn On The Toggle Switch

Now, remove the drip tray carefully from the espresso machine. The toggle switch must be situated near the drip tray. Turn on the button to start the machine program.

Astoria Gloria Espresso Machine Toggle Switch
Astoria Gloria Espresso Machine Toggle Switch

Remember, this switch is slightly sensible. So, make sure you do not press it hard while turning it on.

Step 3: Press The Program Panel Button

It would help if you first programmed the Astoria espresso machine’s right-side panel. Press and hold the program start button.

Astoria Gloria Espresso Machine Program Panel Button
Astoria Gloria Espresso Machine Program Panel Button

After a few seconds, the lights will be lit up, and you have to wait until the lights stop blinking. Now, your espresso machine is fully programmed for brewing coffee. The process of programming the left side is the same as the right side panel.

Step 4: Switch On The Shot Program Button

Always try to use fresh coffee grinds to make an espresso shot. Fill the portafilter and set it with the group head. After that, turn on the shot button and let the coffee cups refill with coffee.

Switch On The Shot Program Button
Switch On The Shot Program Button

When the cups reach at the desired level of the coffee, press the stop button to complete the shot. Repeat this method for making every coffee shot.

Step 5: Press The Stop Button

When all the coffee shots are completed, turn off the machine. Firstly, shut down the right and left side panels after programming.

Let the lights blink; after a few seconds, all the lights will turn off automatically. Now, turn off the toggle switch and close the machine by turning off the program key.

Pro Tips:

  • Always use the right extraction temperature to brew every shot of coffee grinds.
  • Wait for at least 30 to 45 seconds after installing the new water as the recovery time.
  • Keep the toggle switch safe from breakage as it is essential to turn on the machine.
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