How To Drain Astoria Espresso Machine? 5 Simple Steps!

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After completing all the shots of a day, you have to drain the Astoria espresso machine. Most users apply the wrong methods of draining and harm the espresso.

While draining, you must be careful about heat exchangers if you’re an Astoria Gloria SAE user. So, let’s explore the correct drainage method for your Astoria espresso machine.

Step 1: Unplug The Machine And The Water Supplier

Before draining, you have to turn off and unplug the machine. Also, the water supplier should be turned off in this situation. Now, let your device be excellent and depressurized.

The apparatus may take three to four hours to fully cool and calm. Please wait until it becomes completely normal.

Step 2: Remove The Drip Tray

Remove the drip tray carefully and open the expansion valve. You have to use a screwdriver to open the expansion valve. There are some more switches and valves under the drip tray. Please turn off all of them to reduce the pressure on the raised groups.

Step 3: Check The Pressure With The Gauge

There is a vacuum breaker situated at the top of the boiler. If the machine becomes cool ultimately, the vacuum breaker remains down. It indicates low pressure also.

Now, you can check the pressure with a gauge. If the pressure gauge shows all zero, your machine is ready to drain. 

Step 4: Open The Drain Valves

Generally, there remain two drain valves in each espresso machine. These valves situate at the bottom section of the espresso machine. Remove the valve cap and turn on the valve switch. Now, keep a bucket to contain the water.

Step 5: Drain All The Water

Sometimes, the drain valves may get clogged. In this situation, use a scribe or coat hanger to remove the clogging. Use a drain hose instead of a bucket to drain all the water from the machine. Also, you can unscrew the brew head to drain the water quickly.

How To Drain Astoria Espresso Machine Infographic
How To Drain Astoria Espresso Machine Infographic

Pro Advice:

  • Never start draining in a powered-on machine.
  • Close and lock the steam wand at the on point to drain quickly.
  • Turn off the valves immediately after exhausting all the water.

Kitchens MOM Quick Answer (FAQs):

Who Owns Astoria Espresso Machine?

An Italian holding company named Ryoma owns the Astoria espresso machine. This company is an old holding business holder from past decades in America. All the components have been manufactured in Italy.

However, it is exported by Comunicaffe International. That’s why the primary origin of these products is mainly Italy.

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