How To Clean Astoria Espresso Machine? 5 Quick Steps!

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Astoria automatic espresso machine needs a cleaning routine for proper maintenance. Generally, you should follow a regular and weekly performance to clean the machine.

Adequate cleaning keeps the device flawless and increases its lifetime. So, now, I’ll explain to you the proper cleaning method for the Astoria espresso machine.

How To Clean Astoria Espresso Machine Infographic
How To Clean Astoria Espresso Machine Infographic

Step 1: Insert Blind Filter With Detergent In The Portafilter

Inserting the blind filter or back flush disk is the first step in cleaning the Astoria espresso. Remove the portafilter from the brew head and install a blind filter or rear flash disk. Now, take a spoonful of regular cleaning detergent and put it inside the filter.

Step 2: Brew The Detergent With Portafilter

Adjust the portafilter with the brew head and turn on the machine. Let the machine brew the detergent. Turn on the shot button and wait for five seconds. After completing the shot, wait for at least 15 seconds.

Rinse the portafilter and brew head with water to wash the cleaning agent. The detergent will remove the oil and other materials from the filter and the head.

Step 3: Clean The Group Heads

You can use a soft group head brush to clean them. Scrub the group heads softly with the bush so that the coffee grinds or other materials can wash away from the head.

Turn the shot button and let the water flow through the material. You have to check the gasket to prevent leakage issues for months.

Step 4: Soak The Portafilter Parts

Remove the portafilter and blind filter from the brew head. Now, detach all the parts of the portafilter carefully. Take a bowl full of detergent and water foam.

After that, soak the portafilter and other components inside the bowl overnight. However, never wash the portaholder handle inside the solution. Do this task once a week.

Step 5: Clean The Steam Wand

The steam wand is the most essential heating element. To clean the rod, soak it in hot water overnight every day. The hot water removes all the particles from the wand.

Now, remove the wand tip and clean it with a cloth. Never scrub the rod as it can become damaged. However, you can use a soft cloth to wipe the wand.

Pro Tips:

  • Check the brew head regularly to see if it leaks or not. Whenever it seems to spread, change the gasket.
  • Install the portafilter to check the proper fitness of the new gasket.
  • Keep the temperature stability to avoid a sour cup of coffee.
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