How To Use Astoria Espresso Machine In 5 Steps!

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Among the other commercial espresso machines, Astoria offers the best automatic espresso machine models. Also, these coffee machines are perfectly suitable for the busiest coffee maker areas.

With two or three group models, Astoria provides a perfect coffee taste. Now, you’ll learn the using method of the Astoria espresso machine.

How To Use Astoria Espresso Machine Infographic
How To Use Astoria Espresso Machine Infographic

Step 1: Preheat The Machine, Portafilter, And Cup

Sometimes the taste of the coffee depends on the preheating of the machine and other components. The coffee tastes sour if the grinds holder remains cold while brewing.

So, preheat the espresso, portafilter, and cup to 200 degrees temperature in about 20 minutes. For cup heating, use a mug warmer adjusted with the machine.

Step 2: Fill The Portafilter

Fill the portafilter with fresh coffee grinds. You can use coffee capsules or pods if your machine contains the option.

Besides, you can manually fill the portaholder or use the coffee grinder machine. After filling the filter, press the grinds and set them with the portafilter.

Step 3: Adjust The Panel

Generally, Astoria Gloria contains two panels for each coffee brewing side of the machine. You have to set each manual separately before brewing the coffee grinders.

Also, there are two switches for running two steam wands. Set the functions according to your number of coffee shots.

Step 4: Brew The Coffee Grinds

Adjust the brewing pipe with the portafilter before adjusting the panel. Astoria Gloria can brew coffee grinds more quickly than any other espresso machine. There is one long brewing head for one shot and two long brewing heads for two-shot coffee maker models.

Step 5: Collect Your Coffee Cup

Keep the coffee cup over the coffee tray and collect your beverage. Many coffee trays allow you to manage the drink automatically.

However, two or three group models offer two separate trays and can’t work automatically. For these models, you have to set your cup manually.

Pro Tips:

  • Check the brewing head, and milk steam stands before making your coffee cup.
  • Never leave the steam stands after skimming. Clean it immediately.
  • As the water may not brew the coffee grinds properly in a compact environment, never press the coffee grinds too much.
  • Start the machine and wait until it turns on completely. When it turns on, the lights stop blinking.
  • Do not use cold water. Cold water produces a coffee cup that tastes sour and sometimes bitter.
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