What Is A Gravimetric Espresso Machine And Its Benefits!

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Espresso technology has made tremendous strides in recent years in its quest for accuracy and consistency. Most people search for what is a Gravimetric espresso machine in recent times. In the beginning, there were timers, and then volumetrics.

Victoria Arduino’s Black Eagle T3 espresso machine took the search one step further by introducing a new idea for automatic machines: weight-based espresso, also called “Gravimetrics.

The Black Eagle Gravimetric is a very useful tool that brings together the most forward-thinking ideas and innovations in the coffee industry. It sets the standard for the upcoming years of espresso’s advanced technologies.

Gravimetric Espresso Machine: What Are They?

Gravimetric espresso machines use gravimetric technology. The weight of the extracted liquid is measured directly in the cup using gravimetric technology.

As a result, the data is far more exact and, more importantly, is not impacted by other variables such as filter design, tamping force on the coffee, showerhead condition, and so on.

The barista always has complete control over each delivery. The amount of coffee in each cup is always set, and there is no difference from one delivery to the next.

As the coffee drops into the portafilter, the weight of the coffee is measured by a gravimetric grinder. It turns off the motor when the weight that the barista has set is reached.

In comparison to the timed grinders, the grind-by-weight grinder delivers a more precise dosage. Gravimetric espresso machines include the following key features:

Key Features Of Gravimetric Espresso Machine:

Gravimetric Espresso Machine Key Features Infographic
Key Features Of Gravimetric Espresso Machine – Infographic

Gravimetric Technology:

Scales are built into the machine so that each extracted shot has the same weight. This feature also lets the barista set up desired weights ahead of time.

LCD Display: 

Baristas can control everything from doses to boiler pressure to pre-infusion and even energy savings on a Gravimetric Espresso Machine with its unique software and LCDs.

Cool Touch Wands:

It has cool touch technology. This method greatly decreases the steaming process’s wand temperatures. Eliminating a safety danger for baristas and decreasing the cleaning time of the wands.


The barista or operator can set the amount. Often letting different group heads have different dosages. This indicates that the barista can begin the brewing process and know that the machine will stop on its own at the dose that has already been set.

Soft Infusion System(SIS):

To provide a consistent cup of espresso, Soft Infusion Systems diminish the necessity of the right tamping method, hence reducing human mistakes.

Automated Cleanings:

In order to clean the machine, the barista may utilize the monitor to choose the required groups.

T³ System:

Three or four Copper Boilers work together to let the barista set the temperature for each group head separately.

Semi-Automatic Option:

With just one button, you can start and stop the brewing process.

Bar Pump Gauge:

It comes with a bar pump gauge, which makes checking pressure profiles easier than ever.

Push Pull Steam:

When purchasing an espresso machine, ergonomics are a vital consideration, which is why we have long since ditched spinning steam wands in favor of the more user-friendly push-pull mechanism.

Reverse Mirror:

Using the back plate as a mirror, the barista can keep an eye on all aspects of the brewing process.

Black Eagle Gravimetric Espresso Machine

Coffee connoisseurs who devote their life to the study, research, and experimentation of coffee will find the Black Eagle Gravimetric the ideal espresso machine.

The Black Eagle is one of the most unique and high-tech espresso machines in the world. It was designed in part by a world barista champion and is now showing up in cafes that care about quality.

Gravimetric espresso machines from Black Eagle have some of the following features:

Built-In Scales

The Gravimetric Black Eagle does not have any flow meters. Instead, built-in scales in the drip tray under the group heads use the weight of the liquid to measure how much is going through.

Weight Based System

Weight-based brewing allows the Black Eagle to offer constant liquid volume with just a 1ml fluctuation in dry dosing and varied densities of coffees.

When you put your cups or shot glasses right on the scale, it will automatically reset the weight to zero. As your shot goes on, the digital screen above the group shows the weight in real-time. In the 3-group, you can set up to six weight presets, and in the 2-group, you can set up to four.

T3 Technology

In the Black Eagle, Victoria Arduino’s unique T3 technology provides total control over water temperature. The barista can adjust the pressure for milk texturing and precisely maintain the desired brewing temperature with independent control over the steam and brew boilers.

Group Head

Each of the Black Eagle’s group leaders has their own 0.7-liter brew boiler that accommodates many coffees with ease. In terms of temperature regulation, the saturated group head is the last component.

By changing the temperature of the group head, you can quickly change the temperature of the brew to change the extraction. If you need to make a quick change and don’t want to change the grind size or amount of liquid, you don’t have to wait for the brew boiler to reach a certain temperature.

Benefits Of Using A Gravimetric Espresso Machine

Since the use of Gravimetric espresso machines is increasing day by day businesses need to know what is a Gravimetric espresso machine and what are the extensive uses of it. Here are some benefits of why businesses use Gravimetric espresso machines.

  • Total Control Over How Long It Takes To Brew And How Much Liquid Is In The Cup

When serving coffee, baristas may check the brewing time and the weight of cups on a display located over their group heads. With Gravitech, baristas can regulate the coffee brewing process with the utmost accuracy and the highest level of consistency.

  • Technology That Keeps Temperatures As Stable As Possible

There are three separate temperature settings for the brewing group, the water infusion, and the steam using T3 technology. Temperature stability and a perfect espresso are achieved by controlling the water supply’s thermal precision, which results in temperature stability.

  • An LED Panel Displays All Of The Espresso Machine’s Information

The T3 and gravimetric systems communicate with the barista through the gravimetric espresso machines. To provide the finest espresso to the client, the barista uses the TFT display, which provides real-time data. As the barista is making coffee, he or she can see how much water is left in each cup and how long it will take to deliver.

  • Gravimetric Technology Guarantees A Perfect Espresso Coffee

Gravimetric technology makes sure that perfect espresso coffee is made with the most accuracy possible by letting you control every step of the extraction process. For each blend, all the barista has to do is set the weight of the liquid in the cup.

About T³ Technology

The temperature of each group can be set by the barista using three different temperature metrics: water infusion, steam, and delivery group. The machine takes care of the rest.

Digital pressure and temperature sensors send information instantly to the controller, which actively manages each variable with three separate PIDs. The result is optimum precision, control, and accuracy, no matter how much work is being done or how the environment is.

Pro Advice:

  • Make sure the power cable is completely uncoiled to prevent it from becoming dangerously overheated.
  • Do not restrict the cup warmer’s extraction and/or dissipation grids.
  • If you aren’t going to use the appliance anymore, we suggest making it inoperable. After unplugging it from the wall, cut the power cord.
  • Before beginning any installation, maintenance, unloading, or adjustment work, make sure to put on work gloves and safety boots.
  • If the pipe that connects to the main water supply has to be changed, the old pipe can never be used again. 

Kinel’s Observation

Those who want the answer to the question of what is a gravimetric espresso machine should go through the article. The use of gravimetric technology ensures the highest degree of accuracy and uniformity in the brewing of coffee.

For each mix, baristas may control the amount of ground coffee and water in the cup. With only three buttons over the group’s head, the operation has been streamlined. You will need a grind-by-weight grinder if you value rapid dial-in and minimum wastage.

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